VoIPBy now, you've probably read numerous blog posts and educational articles highlighting the benefits available to small businesses who make the decision to switch to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system -- but what about the benefits specifically to hotels? Those in the hospitality industry are required to not only handle the day-to-day tasks that allow the business to stay up and running, but also to provide reliable, convenient, and memorable services to guests from all walks of life. 
The many features built into a high quality VoIP phone system are capable of simplifying these tasks to improve both employee efficiency and guest experience. In order to take advantage of these features, though, you need to know what they are! This two-part series will highlight the VoIP features that are most advantageous to hotels -- including guests, front desk, and staff -- so that you can pick the best phone system and get the most out of it.
Top VoIP Features for Guests
Your hotel's guests are the lifeblood of your business. Because of this, it's imperative that you take the time to select an easy-to-use and feature-rich VoIP solution that will provide travelers with features to enhance their stay and provide them with all of the creature comforts they desire. Some guest favorites include:
  • Wake-up Calls -- Whether traveling for business or pleasure, guests rely on hotel wake-up calls to ensure that they get their day started on time. VoIP systems allow for wake-up calls to be set up from either the guest room or the front desk. Depending on the solution selected, guests may be able to hear the call in their native language.
  • Long Distance Control -- No one wants to overspend when they are traveling. Choosing a VoIP system that allows for automatic or manual cash (blocked) or credit card (open) long distance control helps guests stay on top of their expenses so that there are no surprises. 
  • Answer Detection -- Make sure that your guests are billed solely for services they actually use. VoIP answer detection works to ensure that patrons only receive bills for calls that are completed -- not for busy signals or unanswered calls. 
  • Suite Cloning -- Make life as simple as possible for guests who are staying in separate rooms. Optional suite cloning makes it possible to create two separate guest room numbers with one, easy-to-remember guest phone number. 
  • Voicemail -- Missing important calls while away from the room can be very stressful for guests. VoIP offers reliable voicemail services that automatically turns a light on when a message has been received and off when it has been heard.
  • Auto Attendant -- Don't leave your guests hanging. Optional auto attendant services through VoIP ensures that callers have the ability to reach guests and that outside callers can have calls directed inward even when no one is available at your front desk. 
  • Speed Dial -- Speed dial capabilities make it simple for guests to reach service both inside the hotel and out. 
  • Safety -- VoIP systems give priority to emergency 911 calls, automatically notifying the front desk of the situation and ensuring guest safety.
  • In-Room Checkout -- Some VoIP systems make it possible for guests to check out from their room in order to save time. 
Creating a positive and memorable experience for your guests is the key to earning their loyalty, return business, and recommendations. Offering up quality VoIP features is one way to satisfy your customers, but it's only half of the story.
Be sure to check out the conclusion of the two-part series to see how features for your front desk and hotel staff can positively impact a guest's experience and your business as a whole. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to the experts at PhoneSuite to learn more about the benefits of switching to VoIP and discuss the solution that's best suited to your needs.