Time to Take the Next Step 

If you’re going to invest significant capital in a new phone system, the last thing you want is for that system to become obsolete a few years after you buy it. With Phonesuite, you’re getting a future-proof technology platform that will remain relevant for decades to come — as long as the internet doesn’t go anywhere.

Phonesuite has been serving hotels — and only hotels — since 1988. We’ve installed our VoIP PBX systems in over 6500 hotels, from tiny boutiques to international chains, and have cemented our position as the only provider preferred by all major hotel brands. With a Phonesuite solution, you get the benefits of:

  • Cost savings — hotels that switch to VoIP can expect to save a lot of money on their communications systems compared to an analog PBX

  • Scalability — adding, removing, and changing phone lines is as simple as a software update, with no electronics or infrastructure work necessary.

  • Efficiency — your staff aren’t making the best use of their time if they’re tied to a desk, unable to help guests around the hotel. With Voiceware, you can forward calls to another office or a mobile phone, automate features like wake-up calls and room service, and free up your staff to do their best work.


Would you prefer a ballpark quote or a detailed quote?


In order to provide you with a detailed quote, we will need to spend some time on the phone with you going over your unique and specific needs. Please provide the best time and phone number to reach you in addition to your name, the company name, and the property location.

The real beauty of a VoIP system is that it’s customizable — you can customize it to do whatever you need, depending on the specific pain points and offerings of your hotel.

If you’re interested in upgrading your hotel’s phone system, contact us! We can give you a ballpark quote if you’d like, or we can dig into the unique needs of your hotel to give you a detailed breakdown of your projected costs.