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Things You May Not Know About VoIP

We all know that VoIP provides hotel owners and managers with an alternative communications system. We also know that the quality of VOIP has.

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The Traditional Phone is Quickly Becoming Obsolete

You have to wonder if, after that initial phone call, Alexander Graham Bell could ever have envisioned how his "simple" invention would reshape the.

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5 Ways Your Hotel Can Save Money with a VoIP Solution

Everyone in the hotel industry is looking for ways to cut costs without skimping on the needs and desires of their guests. What many hospitality.

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The Differences in VoIP: Technology Comparisons

As we've covered recently, many hotel owners and managers are somewhat reluctant to make a change to VoIP because they're not completely comfortable.

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Primary Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Hotels, Part Two

If you've been keeping up with recent technology trends, you may already be aware that Voice over Internet Protocol is sweeping through a number of.

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Primary Benefits of Hosted VoIP for Hotels, Part One

As a hotelier, one of your core responsibilities is keeping up and implementing new technology that will service both your employees and customers..

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Learn Everything You Can About Your VoIP Provider

Phone systems are integral to the hospitality business. We need them to book reservations, manage guest relations, allow guests to conduct business.

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Centrex to CPE to Hosted: Full Circle Deja Vu

I was asked to write a quick paper on hosted phone systems versus traditional CPE systems and it turns out that CPE replaced the original hosted.

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How to Keep Your VoIP System Secure

Security is important no matter what industry you're in, but the need for it has become increasingly obvious in the area of technology. This has.

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4 Hosted PBX Myths That It's Time to Debunk

According to a report by the FCC published last year (which you can read by clicking here), VoIP adoption by consumers is on the rise at the tune of.

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VoIP Buying Guide for Hotels

As we've discussed many times before, the implementation of Voice over Internet Protocol into your hotel's communications systems is one of the best.

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Checklist for First-Time VoIP Customers, Part Two

The switch to VoIP is a decision that can help your hotel succeed in one of the most important aspects of the hospitality industry -- communications..

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Checklist for First-Time VoIP Customers, Part One

Making the switch to VoIP for your hotel's communications can be an exciting prospect, and you're probably wanting to get started as soon as.

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Ensuring VoIP Quality for Your Hotel

As a hotel owner, you're well-aware of the fact that maintaining good communication at your facility is an absolute must for success. Not only do.

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Preparing Your Hotel's Network For VoIP

Once you've made the decision to upgrade your phone system to one that utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol, you can look forward to streamlining.

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Demystifying VoIP for Your Hotel

"Voice over Internet Protocol."

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Securing Your Hotel's VoIP Network

Although many people see hacking as a new concept, it has been around for quite some time. One of the first known hacks was the use of a device to.

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Is Call Accounting Still Relevant in Hospitality?

Full disclosure: I work for a company that sells hotel phone systems with call billing included. It has always been a selling point for us.

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What to Ask Yourself When Choosing a VoIP Provider

Once you decide that an upgrade to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications system will be beneficial for your hotel, your next step is.

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7 VoIP Features That Can Benefit Your Hotel

Start talking about VoIP and the first thing you'll probably hear about will surely involve the money you may be able to save. The improvements made.

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Taking the VoIP Plunge? You're Not Alone

When you're involved with the hospitality industry, there are many factors to consider on a daily basis. Most of these have to do with the day-to-day.

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An 8-Part Checklist for First-Time VoIP Buyers

If you've been hesitant about upgrading your hotel's communication system to one that utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol, we can't exactly blame.

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3 Trends to Watch for in VoIP for Hotels

Technology is constantly changing and if you want your hotel to succeed in 2015, it's imperative that you keep up with the trends in a variety of.

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Make 2015 the Year of VoIP

Now that a new year is upon us, it's time to look forward and make some much needed changes to your hotel. Some hoteliers may take the opportunity to.

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How VoIP Can Improve Your Guests' Holiday Stay

The end of each year marks a number of celebrations, from Christmas to Hanukkah to New Years. For many people, this is a time to spend time with.

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What's Holding up Hosted Hotel PBX?

Phone systems are a necessary evil in most industries, and in the hotel industry, it serves as one of the most important aspects to demand your.

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GPON and Your Hotel Phone System

As a hotel owner or manager, there are a huge number of things you must worry about on a daily basis. You must organize your staff, ensure that your.

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5 Reasons Why TDM (Analog) PBX is Still Relevant in Hotels

As a hotel manager or owner, you're constantly forced to make decisions that impact your business, its employees, and the visitors who frequent the.

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How Your Guests' BYOD is Affecting Your Bandwidth

These days, almost everyone carries around a device that uses the Internet, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a similar communications.

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SIP Client Apps & Your Hotel Communications

The success of any hotel hinges on providing your clients with the ability to communicate effectively with your staff at all times. If you fail at.

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Are Phone System Purchases No Longer “On Hold” for Hospitality Telecom?

That’s the question Dave Michels, president of Verge 1 Consulting, tries to answer in a recent post on his blog, “No Jitter”. In his article, he.

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Hotel Phone System Installation Planning - why it’s so hard and why it’s so important

We can normally spot a professional telephone installer based almost exclusively on one feature. It’s not a good looking website, a neat business.

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Coming Soon (OK, Eventually, Maybe) to a Hotel Near You: Webified Communications

It seems like everything computer is now done through browsers, whether it’s Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, or Mozilla. You may have.

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Using Wireless to Extend the LAN for Hospitality Properties

Recently, one of our resellers came across a problem when a two different properties and a third building located close to each other and had come.

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Find Me/Follow Me: An Essential Hotel Admin Tool

With technology changing daily it’s amazing all the stuff we see happen as we get older. With technological advances being made it seems like no.

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Can My Hotel Business Rely on SIP Trunks?

Are you considering making the switch from traditional to VoIP telephone service? This is also called “SIP Trunking” and is provided by an Internet.

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A strong Networking Tech for IP-PBX Deployment is Essential to a Successful Deployment

Having a strong networking tech on staff should be a must for every reseller who installs an IP-PBX in hotels. Most phone system reseller have a.

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Celebrating Dave's 25th Anniversary with PhoneSuite

Last week we celebrated Dave Julstrom's 25th anniversary with PhoneSuite. He started all of those years ago as PhoneSuite's second employee and has.

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Voicemail to Email: Another Beneficial Voiceware Feature.

Are you tired of calling your desk phone to see if you have new voicemail messages? In today’s fast-paced world, employees are often outside of the.

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Call Recording for Hotels

Phone call recording addresses a wide range of business needs, including cost-effective resolution of customer disputes, sales verification, quality.

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Why the Cloud is the Next Frontier in Hotel Communications

Think cloud computing is a passing trend? Guess again. More and more businesses - and yes, hotels - are beginning to take advantage of the cloud as a.

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The New Hotel Phone System

For years, the standard for hotel phone systems did not change very much. Though most facilities made use of the most advanced touch-tone, land-line.

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Understanding VoIP Telephony

Businesses all around the world are abuzz with the excitement surrounding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony. By now, most people are.

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VoIP Telephony: Taking the Plunge

Technologically speaking, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony isn't anything new. Still, businesses today are really just now taking notice.

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The Security Behind VoIP

As people continue to accept Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony, a growing number of networks and legacy systems are connecting with.

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Future Proof Hotel Phone System

With the rapid changes in telecommunications and technology, it is now even more important for hospitality properties to protect their investments.

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6 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Hotel Phone System

We live in quite an amazing age of technology. We can now accomplish things faster and easier than ever before, and it's all right at our fingertips.

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10 Reasons to Buy American-Made Hotel Phone Systems

Investing in a phone system that was made in the U.S., like those manufactured by PhoneSuite, will provide you with numerous benefits, and will help.

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Premise vs Hosted Hotel PBX Explained

There are a lot of things that hotel owners and managers should consider when moving away from an existing phone system and upgrading to another. One.

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Go Green with Your Hotel Phone System

These days, it seems as though the whole world is going green. Not only are consumers taking steps to be more eco-friendly in their day to day lives,.

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Features of an IP PBX

In today's world, most of us are constantly "wired in", whether it be through our smart phones, tablets, laptop computers, or other technological.

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Top 10 Things a SIP Admin Phone Can Do That May Surprise You

If you've been thinking of updating your hotel's phone system, you're probably wondering what benefits you will receive. You may actually be.

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How Voiceware (VoIP) Removes the Need for an Onsite Tech

There are very few things that are more frustrating when a piece of your equipment begins to malfunction. Whether the air conditioning unit in a.

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The Changing Needs of a Hotel Phone System

As technology continues to evolve, the hotel industry is rapidly changing. Because the rest of the world has altered its expectations in terms of.

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IP PBX Removes Export / Import Barriers

As you make plans to upgrade your hotel's phone system, the idea of where the actual hardware or software is coming from and how it will be.

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Technology Infiltrating Hotel Customer Service

Today, technology has infiltrated every aspect of both our personal and professional lives. All of us have begun to expect it, due to the value that.

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Advantages of Purchasing Your Phone System

You know that you're ready to update your hotel's phone system, but should you lease or buy the equipment? As Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

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SIP vs Digital Phones in the Workplace

Switching to a new hotel phone system can initially cause some anxiety. Will the transition impact the way that your staff interacts with callers,.

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Unified Communications Across the Hotel

As the hospitality industry grows more competitive, it’s important for hotel owners and managers to take the necessary steps to keep business.

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SIP Trunking: Potential Cost Savings

It wasn’t too long ago that, in order to hear your favorite song, you were forced to purchase an entire album and play it in a tape deck or CD.

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How Hotel Telephone System Impacts Customer Service

Your hotel phone system can play a significant role in your guest's overall experience at your facility. While an older landline network may have.

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Rolling Out an IP Telephony System in Your Hotel

When executed properly, the merger of your hotel's voice and data can boost staff productivity, and improve your guest's opinions of your facility..

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Professional Phone System- Instantly Make a Bigger Impression

In this day and age of hospitality services, there's a lot of competition out there. Although travel and lodging continue to be a huge business,.

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Avoiding Critical Mistakes with a New Phone System

Every business, no matter the size or what they may be selling, is bound to have issues along the way when it comes to the use of newer technology..

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Advantages for Leasing Your Hotel Phone System

Hotel personnel are faced with making decisions on a daily basis. Some of these decisions are based on the individual needs or requests of a specific.

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This Year's ITExpo Experience

Last week, PhoneSuite staff David Rafsky, Jerry Moore and Frank Melville attended the IT Expo trade show in Las Vegas NV. The show describes itself.

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Telephone Systems: Old vs. The New

There's no doubt that a hotel's phone system is crucial to its success. Hospitality businesses demand a reliable and affordable means of.

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Hotels Need to Stay Relevant in the Age of Technology

Are you the type of hotel that is satisfied with the status quo, or are you always looking for ways to improve your guest's experiences? Although.

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Can We Get Guests to Use the Room Phone Again?

Thirty years ago, the guest room phone was a strong revenue center for most hotels. Because hotel guests who needed to make calls had few options.

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(When) Will Hotel Guest Room Phones Go Away?

Several years ago at HITEC, the “Guest Room of the Future” exhibit presented a guest room with a variety of futuristic amenities. What was missing.

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Moving to Voice Over Internet Protocol

With smartphones ruling guests' interaction both personally and with brands, it is only natural that they expect the same type of technology and.

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Happy World Telecommuncation & Information Day!

For those of you who are not aware, today is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, otherwise known as WTISD. The purpose of this.

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