PhoneSuite Blog #3For millions of people across the globe, it seems like just yesterday when we were all using rotary phones that either attached to the wall or sat on top of a desk like a cumbersome paperweight. In fact, there was probably such a time when that seemed like it would forever be the pinnacle of phone technology.

This, of course, turned out not to be true whatsoever. When it comes to phone technology, whether it's the cell phone you carry in your pocket or the advanced VoIP system used by many businesses today, phone communications have certainly come a long way.

While they are no longer using rotary phones, many hotels are still living in the stone age of phone technology. Today, we're going to look at some common objections that a hotel owner or manager may have in upgrading their phones and why it's time for your hotel to catch up with technology.

"Mitel Always Works Just Fine"

It’s true that Mitel has serviced the hotel industry very well for many years and that it is a reliable technology, even by somewhat recent standards. The problem is that “just fine” simply doesn’t cut it with today’s technology-astute clientele. They demand additional options and more fine-tuning than Mitel can offer.

"VoIP Is No Longer the Cheapest Option"

In the past few years, a big selling point of VoIP has been the lower cost, both in installation and operation. But, as these things often go, less expensive options have arrived on the market that can rival their price point. However, while VoIP may not always be the cheapest choice around, the price is still great, and you will receive more bang for your buck.

“I Don’t Need All this New Tech”

Any hotelier who has been in the business for a while loves to throw out this little tidbit, in part because he or she thinks that the current technology is working just fine. What’s great about VoIP in this regard, however, is that it enables you to get rid of your old phone lines so that you have a net savings. Plus, VoIP allows you to run the latest SIP phones or keep your existing analog setup.

"TDM Still Works Great"

This is a common pushback that every industry leader gets because, as mentioned above, businesses often think that the old way of doing things has been working, so why do they need any kind of newfangled technology? The truth is that today’s consumers are becoming increasingly more tech-savvy, so even if you don’t think your hotel needs the new tech that’s available, your future guests will disagree.

“My Staff Is Happy with What We Have”

News flash: they’re really not! If you were to create an anonymous survey for your hotel’s staff, you would discover that many of them are simply not happy with the current communications setup. This is often because outdated technology has limited the available options that would make the staff’s life easier while increasing guest relations.

“Guests Don’t Really Seem to Care”

The simple truth is that most guests won’t voice their opinions about a hotel’s communications system right away because they’re too busy posting photos and videos of their trip on multiple social media accounts. But when you give them a negative experience because they have been unable to engage in the same way that another hotel allowed them to do, then they’ll show you that they definitely do care by sharing their opinions online and then not returning.

The installation of a VoIP hotel phone system can greatly improve your communications capabilities. To learn more about the technology or get started today, give the experts at Phonesuite a call or visit our website.