Making-the-Move-to-Managed-VoiceManaged VOICE is Phonesuite’s affordable, adaptable, flexible response to the standard hotel PBX model. Our system is available in two versions — hybrid (on-premise) and hosted (cloud-based) — but in both cases, Phonesuite will manage all your hardware and software, including maintenance and upgrades.

What is Managed VOICE?

Managed VOICE is a true 21st-century solution to the communication needs of modern hoteliers, including features such as:

  • Installation and Deployment/Integration Testing
  • 24/7 Support Software & Hardware
  • SIP Trunking-Local/Long Distance/E911 Compliance
  • Voiceware Hospitality Communications Platform

Voiceware Communication Platform

Voiceware is Phonesuite’s proprietary VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system. We’ve installed our system in over 6000 hotels in the last 25 years, from the smallest select service hotels and boutiques to the largest full service and luxury resorts.

The best thing about a VoIP system is its flexibility. Since phone trunks aren’t tied to physical copper wires or phone outlets in the wall, a VoIP system can be scaled up or down with no extra infrastructure or construction needed — you just need new handsets.

Why Do You Need Managed VOICE?

The biggest reason to choose a VoIP system like Managed VOICE from Phonesuite is its flexibility. The ability to add or remove lines, move phone numbers between rooms and facilities, and be prepared for future regulations like Kari’s Law and the RAY BAUMS Act is essential for any modern hotel. But there are other benefits, too.

Call Quality

Since the voice signal on a VoIP call is transmitted over an internet connection rather than a copper wire that might be decades old, call quality is much better than a traditional phone system.

Cost Savings

Phonesuite’s Managed VOICE system trades the potentially enormous upfront capital expenditure of installing and upgrading phone hardware with a much more reasonable operating expenditure. Since there’s virtually no infrastructure involved, upgrading and maintaining a VoIP system is far cheaper than the same maintenance of an analog system.

Operating costs are lower, too. We’ve been servicing hotels for more than two decades, and in our experience, our hoteliers can expect to save significantly on the cost of a traditional phone service.

Employee Efficiency

One of the most annoying phenomena in the hotel world is “phone tag” — your front desk staff misses a call because they were away from the desk or helping another customer, so they have to call back, and so on. This is frustrating for both your staff and customers alike, and can lead to lost business.

With VoIP, you can automatically forward calls to another staff member or to a third-party answering system if the person at the front desk is busy with another customer. You can even forward calls to a cell number seamlessly, allowing a roaming manager to answer phones without being anchored to a desk.

How Phonesuite Installs Managed VOICE

Before we can get you started on Managed VOICE, we have a time-tested inspection and installation process to ensure that every aspect of your phone service works flawlessly.

  • Phase 1: Information Gathering — A dedicated Phonesuite team works with you to identify your communications goals, determine the best solution for your guests and staff alike, and establish a scope of work.
  • Phase 2: Design — Our engineers will review the scope of work, network, telephony, and infrastructure of the existing hotel environment, then provides you with a Budgetary Quote or Formal Proposal for the work to be done.
  • Phase 3: Pre-Installation — A dedicated account manager at Phonesuite will work closely with you, the customer, to ensure that you’re fully aware of the steps required for the management and deployment of the Phonesuite system.
  • Phase 4: Onsite Deployment — Onsite deployment and installation is managed by a factory team, including managers, engineers, and local factory-trained technicians if necessary.
  • Phase 5: Testing — Phonesuite engineers will test and inspect every aspect of the installed system, including calls and a QA checklist with your onsite staff. We also conduct Phonesuite training with your hotel staff to ensure that they’re able to take full advantage of the features that Phonesuite offers.
  • Phase 6: Support — the final phase is support, featuring 24/7 monitoring and a factory-maintained call center, a lifetime warranty, upgrades on all hardware and software, and free daily backups for as long as you’re a subscriber.

Modernize Your Phones

The world of technology is advancing faster and faster, and hotels have historically had trouble keeping up. Outdated analog phone systems are still common, even as land lines in homes and offices fall by the wayside. Guests expect the same level of convenience in their hotels as they have in their homes — if they don’t find it, they’ll stay elsewhere.

The best way to keep pace with the times in your hotel is a flexible, future-proof VoIP system from Phonesuite. With a low initial investment and lifetime upgrades for one monthly fee, you’ll be able to ensure that your hotel keeps pace with the times for years to come.

Contact Phonesuite today to find out how we can bring your hotel communications systems into the 21st century.