cutting costsOperating a hotel has many different costs involved and, due to customer demand of various amenities, that trend is likely to continue. These days, it’s hard to get away with owning a hotel that isn’t keeping up with the latest and greatest conveniences that improve a customer’s stay. You must learn to keep up with emerging trends and expected benefits or you’ll find yourself struggling against your competition.


The good news is that there are plenty of ways that technology can help you keep your guests happy while lowering your hotel’s operating costs. If you’re willing to do a little work and can pay close attention to the everyday tasks being carried out, there is no reason why you can’t surpass your competition. We’d like to help you out, so we’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips that will allow you to use technology to cut costs and impress your guests:

Scheduling Software

The cleaning of your hotel’s rooms is one of the most important aspects in the hospitality industry. If you give your workers too much time to clean each room, then some rooms might not be ready when a new guest arrives. But, if you give them too little time, small details could be missed - details that your guests are likely to notice and not be happy about. Scheduling software will allow you to keep track of what everyone is doing at any given time, which rooms are already cleaned, and which rooms require special services like a “deep clean.” Better scheduling means lower expenditures.


Analysis Software

In conjunction with your scheduling software, you can utilize analysis software to tell you how efficient your process has proven to be and provide you with the guidance necessary to know what should be changed to improve that efficiency. This allows you to pinpoint problem areas, better identify which employees may not be pulling their weight, and focus on the processes that are taking the longest to complete and costing your hotel the most money. When used together with scheduling software, it’s easy to bring your costs down.




Voice over Internet Protocol

Your hotel’s phone system is one of its most important aspects. If guests have any problems communicating with the outside world or with your employees, they are likely to take their business elsewhere the next time they’re in town, not to mention badmouth your hotel on review sites and directly to friends and family. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, is a wonderful alternative that provides a lower cost to your hotel, flexibility for your guests, and improved service that your workers can use to delight your visitors.


Social Media Marketing

The world of marketing in the hospitality industry has taken quite a turn in the past several years. While traditional ads still exist on television, billboards, and even city benches, much of the work is being done through social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and several others allow you to reach out to past, existing, and potential customers with ease. You can give them information on upcoming events, offer special promotions, and interact with them to address any concerns or questions they might have. And if you enlist the help of a professional marketing team, you’ll gain followers and guests in no time.


First and foremost, communication between guests and employees is essential to running a successful hotel. Traditional phone systems aren’t cutting it anymore, which is why so many people are turning to VoIP. When you’re ready to get started, or if you want to learn more about this fantastic technology, give the professionals at PhoneSuite a call and we’ll get you started.


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